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Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake is and can be as simple or as extravagant as you like and accordingly can be relatively inexpensive or enough to break the bank. Why wedding cakes are often so expensive is because of the intricate, detailed work that is involved, and many hours of labor are required to create the decorations.

For some people, they feel it is an unnecessary expense and a simple cake or alternative food such as a favorite dessert or something similar can be used.

However, people prefer a traditional wedding cake and in keeping with the rest of the theme of

the wedding, it is generally decorated in colors similar to those of the flowers and any other decorations at the reception. If you reduce the size of the wedding cake you can keep the costs down and also by keeping the cake less intricate in its decorations, you can save yourself a lot of money.

Another way to keep the cost down is to use your flower arrangements or other forms of decoration that are more cost-effective to enhance the look of the wedding cake and keep the cake itself relatively plain and simple. With the right flower arrangements on the cake, it looks beautiful.

It all comes down to the expense with the importance that you put on the style of cake that you like and whether you can save money elsewhere to get the cake you desire.

It is important to note that you do your research and do price shopping from various different suppliers of wedding cakes and also consider asking your friends and family if they know anybody who does cake decorating as many people do it for a hobby and will be only too willing to help you out and it wouldn't cost you an arm.

Often you can get somebody to create your cake for the cost of the materials alone and this can be their gift to you for your wedding rather than paying for something else.

One important thing that you must remember however is to check their work to see if it is up to a standard that you would be happy to have at your wedding and don't feel obliged to use their services if you aren't satisfied.

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