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These prices are a general guideline and I'm willing to accommodate your requests and needs to best suit your wedding shoot.

These prices are also  subject to change accordingly.

If you are a Thumbtack customer, I strongly recommend that you should contact me from my site rather than sending me a direct request from Thumbtack. If you contact me from Thumbtack, they will charge me anywhere between $50 to $110 and I'll have to add that fee to my price. 

If you contact me from my site, both you and I can save the fee.

                   * 4 hours of the shoot.
-You'll get 250-300+ edited photos.
-Flash drive with your photos in a custom hard book-style case.
-Digital download from your gallery on my site.

-Travel fee of $100 included. If the shoot is in  Palm Springs areas, a traveling fee is $30.

-40 5x7 and 20 8x10 high-quality prints for $195.
 -A short video of some segments of the ceremony and your guests' congratulatory video comments for $350. You will get several edited videos but not a highlight video with music overlay.
 -One videographer for 4 hours for $650. You will get a 3-5 minutes of highlight video with music overlay( your choice of music)

*For 5 hours of the shoot, it's $910 and you'll get 350-400+ edited photos. The prints and the videos are options.
A videographer for 5 hours is $750.
The number of edited photos you will get also depends on the number of guests.

           * 6 hours of the shoot special package*

-You'll get 35
0-450+ edited photos.
-An engagement shoot.
-A full video service, the getting ready,the ceremony, the first dance, the cake cutting, etc.
-a Flash drive with your photos in a custom hard book-style case.
-Digital download from your gallery on my site.

-You will get all your edited photos in two weeks or less.

If you want 7 or 8 hours or even longer service, please contact me and we'll discuss your best package deal.

*If you need a 2nd shooter for 6 hours, it's $800 extra.

Sometimes, they want a lead photographer for 7 or 8 hours and 5 or 6 hours for the 2nd shooter and the videographer. I can accommodate any way you want and I will give you the best possible package offer.

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