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Q: I'm shy and my fiancée and I really don't know how to pose. Do you help us how to pose?
A: Yes, I do. I'm good at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera and once you get relaxed, any pose I give you will look natural.

Q: Do you take any requests during the wedding? 
A: Yes, I do. As a matter of fact, they always ask me to take photos with someone. I will take any photos you request during your wedding and that's my job.

Q: Are you expensive?
A: No, not really. But I'm not super cheap, either. My price is fair. I have a pride in my work, and I charge accordingly. 

Q: Are you willing to work my budget?
A: Yes, I'm willing to work the budget but you'll have to talk to me first. Obviously, if your budget is quite lower than my suggested price, it probably won't work.

Q: If I want you to edit only some ceremony photos and all my family photos, will the price still be the same?
A: No. If that's all you want me to edit, then I can give you a discount. You will get those selected edited photos as well as all unedited photos.

Q: what kind of photo editing do you do?
A: In my price, a basic photo editing is included: exposure correction, composition correction, sharpness and editing out some unwanted objects in the background. I don't do body alterations such as fixing double chin, making your body slim.

Q: What fees are included in your price? I don't want to see some hidden fees.
A: There are no hidden fees, and all the fees are explained in my price quote. Those fees are typically the Thumbtack fee ($60-110) and traveling fee ($50-100). The traveling fee means gas expense.

Q: what is your turnaround time? When do I get all my edited photos?
A: My regular turnaround time is about 90 -120 days and in 4 weeks  after your wedding, you will get a first batch of photos ( 50+).

Q: Do you drink during the wedding?
A: No. I once had a glass of cold beer because the groom strongly recommended it to me. But after I had beer, I couldn't concentrate on my job well. Since then, I never drink any alcohol during my job. I'd rather have a cup of coffee and some sweet snacks.

Q: What is your shooting style?
A: For a wedding shoot, I will use both natural light and flash and I take some setup shots and some candid shots. My photography is going to be your unique story about your wedding.

Q: I'm a catholic, have you done a wedding shoot at catholic church?
A: Yes, I've done many wedding shoots at catholic church, and I know their rules.

Q: I want to hire you but when am I supposed to pay you a deposit?
A: Before you pay me a deposit, I will make a contract for your wedding shoot, and I want you to sign the contract. I will send you the contract to your email and you will sign it electronically. Only after you signed it, then you will pay me a deposit and you will pay me the balance before or at the end of the wedding.

Q: When you come to our wedding, what do you wear?
A: If it's not too hot, I will wear a white dress shirt, a tie, black pants and a black jacket and a pair of black shoes. If it's hot, I won't wear a jacket nor a tie, but I will always bring a tie with me just in case.

Q: I want you to communicate with my guests. Are you good at socializing with people?
A: Yes. I'm quite easy-going and I'm not shy about socializing with people. This is very important to make them relaxed before I take their photos.

Q: Do you do video service as well?

A: Yes, I do. I have two videographers in my team, one in LA and the other one in San Diego area. If their schedule is available, I can do a video service.
But sometimes, people can't afford to hire a videographer, but they still want a short video. In that case, I will offer my video service at a reduced price

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