I get quite often asked by my customers if I would do a video service. Though they want  a video service ,most of them just can't afford to hire a videographer. 

So my video service is the one that fills the customers' needs at an affordable price. Since I'm the only photographer who will be doing both photography and video, there is a compromise in the video service.

I can not offer you a full video service but I can take a short video of some segments of the ceremony,  the guests' congratulatory video comments. The guests' video comments turned out to be a big hit. Unlike you'd normally read the guests' written comments in the book,the video comments are lively, funny and most of all, they all look happy for you. 

You would never get the same feeling like this from reading the comments in the guest book.

Right now, these video services are quite affordable. It's only $250. But the demand for the video services is increasing, and the price may go up soon.

If you want a videographer, I have a video guy in my team and I can offer you a full video service. The fee of the videographer is $150/hr and like a wedding photography, the 4 hours is a minimum. Here's the preview of the videographer's work and he does an excellent job.